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Revolution of Deflationary Token global brand of a safe, trusted, fair, border-less and friction-less, gas free cryptocurrency combining store of value and passive income.

What We Are

Revolution of Deflationary Token AUTONOMOUS YIELD & LIQUIDITY GENERATION PROTOCOL SafeUs is a mixture of RFI tokenomics with the added function of auto-liquidity generating protocol.

Lasting Token

4% on each transaction is split instantly among token holdersand the liquidity pool , reducing supply. SafeUs community is all about rewards and wealth creation , with 2% locked in liquidity and burned forever and another 2% is redistributed to token holders as reward.


SafeUs is focused on decentralized , we will support creator and building our own wallet , dex (eg: pancakeswap) and much more.
Hidden Goal : decentralized Media

Revolution of Deflationary Token

global brand of a safe , trusted , fair , border-less and friction-less, gas free cryptocurrency combining store of Value and passive income


of token holders is the most priortized for the community and dev's for example : we will renounce the ownership right away after softcap (from pre-sale) reached.

Our Nearest Mission

with DxSale on going, we wish to hit the softcap or best is hardcap to list on pancakeswap

Relationship Viral
Seasonal Marketing
Social Media Launch

Tokenomics & Launch Distribution

This is our token allocation program, hope you like it !

Token Allocation

More Token Info

Total Token 100%
Burned 70%

Locked LP (hardcap) 15%

Cir.supply 14%
Future Release 1%


SafeUs is a safety choose between others token, there's no way of rugpulls and we will growth exponentially across the border, this is a borderless token, no one can stop us, hold means growth !


  • Deflationary
  • Frictionless
  • Yield-Generating
  • Liquidity-Generating
  • 100% Coummunity Token
  • Lot of target

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the most asked question

What are the objectives of this token?

This token will be the standard of deflationary token, the next thing to do is to built a wallet and a DEX.

What is Token Sale and pre-sale?

Presale is when the token first-time hit the market, SafeUs has chosen DxSale as its fair-launch presale app to go public, token sale will be start on pancakeswap after we hit the softcap or hardcap on the presale

What is the pre-sale start date?

Presale start date is April, 29th to May, 5th

How may I take part in pre-sale?

Open this link to join our pre-sale, seamless and easy SafeUs Pre-sale


  • 500 BNB
  • 2000 BNB
Softcap Hardcap

Our team will make sure there's not any fraud on these project, we will audit our contract as soon as possible.


Our project dont stop within 1 year, it will growing till we bite the dust.


100% No Rugpull and liquidity will be locked for a long time

Awesome Team

Our blockchain maniac team


Executive Officer


Business Development


UX/UI Designer


Head of Marketing

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